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06 Mar 2017
SAUL Canelo vs Chavez Live have both consented to put their whole battle totes on hold for their enormous battle. On live TV, the two boxers shook hands and concurred that the failure would hand over what they would be paid for the middleweight session, The Sun reports. 

Event: Boxing Fight
Date: Saturday, May 6
Location: T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas
BroadCasting :

Alvarez is the heavy favourite.

Chavez brought the thought up first and after that Canelo said he would consent to do it as he "will win". Canelo is supposed to make around $36 million from battle, with Chavez stowing around $9 million. 

It implies one man will win $45 million and the other man will run home with nothing. 
The host on the Spanish-speaking US TV demonstrate then requested that the boxers shake on it on the show to make it official — and they did. Canelo stated: "We should wager both our purses?"Julio Cesar Chavez Jr then stated: "Why might I do that? I'll simply wager my cash in the club and get 4-1." 
Canelo included: "I'm giving you leverage on this wager, since I'm making four circumstances as much as you in any case." At that point the host hindered and stated: "I know both of you are men of their word, so you should folks concur the wager and shake on it here on the show?" The combine then did precisely that. Canelo and Chavez Jr battle on May 6 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The battle, to be battled at a catchweight of 164.5 pounds and will be publicized on HBO pay-per-view.Alvarez carries a 48-1-1 record with 34 knockouts into the May 6 conflict while Canelo vs Chavez Live Stream, child of the incredible Mexican champion, is 50-2-1 with 32 wins inside the separation. In front of the battle, Alvarez stated: "He [Chavez] said numerous things throughout the years, scrutinized my profession, continually putting questions on my individual and it includes. That is the thing that makes this battle bubbled up, more individual." 
Chavez, 31, has rebuked the 26-year-old Alvarez for ducking risky potential adversaries, and hypothesized that his red-headed comrade offered him the session as a result of his relative inertia since breaking a hand.He stated: "I was amazed yet I think he took this battle on account of my idleness, who at 6ft 1ins is four inches taller and acclimated to boxing as a super middleweight. 

"I broke my hand and just had like five battles from 2012 to 2017. He supposes I'm not in my prime." 

Previous champion and Golden Boy Promotions boss Oscar De La Hoya told journalists: "When you have two Mexicans in the ring, it will be a hard and fast war.Today at 1pm EST starts the full question and answer session for Canelo-Chavez, live from New York City. Canelo Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. commenced their limited time visit yesterday in Mexico City, will hit NYC today, and afterward Houston on Thursday and Los Angeles on Friday. 

Canelo-Chavez will happen on Cinco de Mayo end of the week (May sixth) at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas for 164.5lb prizefight between Mexico's two greatest boxing stars. Chavez Jr. hasn't said something under 165lbs since he battled Sergio Martinez for the middleweight title in September 2012. Canelo Alvarez, then again, hasn't formally battled about 155lbs in the wake of telling the world he has not yet developed into the middleweight division. Here Canelo will skip battle past the middleweight division to battle in super middleweight domain in what ought to be a beautiful fun activity battle between Mexican adversaries. There will likewise be a fun little non-title, title belt in question for the winner."It's another weight, so I have begun to fight with heavier accomplices, which everybody will see come battle night. Battles between Mexicans are typically the Canelo vs Chavez Live Boxing greatest, and I need this battle to be a blemish on the legacy that many battles like this have deserted in Mexico's battle history. "I imagine that a competition does exist, and we are both questioning warriors. There have been a ton of remarks coordinated towards me and my character, and I battle for pride to speak to my nation. "We are obviously are preparing at 100 percent. I think makes this battle fascinating that we are both substantial punchers. I've been in what's coming to me of super battles, and the boxing ring is my home. I have had similar individuals in my corner since the earliest reference point, and I put stock in Chepo and Eddy to completely bolster me in my corner." 

JULIO CÉSAR CHÁVEZ, JR., Former WBC World Middleweight Champion: 

"I've been advancing toward this battle. My last battle was at 168 pounds. This battle won't be any unique in relation to whatever other battle that I have had before. I need to thank every one of the general population who have come to bolster me throughout the years. 

"This will be an extreme battle. Each battle is critical, and this one particularly on the grounds that it is between two Mexicans battling each other for the magnificence. The battle couldn't have come at a more flawless planning – both my and Canelo's names are referred to all through the world as a portion of the best contenders. My two misfortunes against Martinez and Fonfara showed me more than each of the 50 of my wins. This battle can possibly open numerous ways to my future that may have been shut some time recently. I battle for pride – everybody says that Canelo is the best."With Nacho Beristain in my corner, I have a great deal of information on my side. It's typical in light of the fact that he has his name carved as one of the greats, and this is a tribute to him and is a commitment to Mexican boxing. Canelo isn't Oscar De La Hoya's child. I have an awesome corner. I will win this battle." 

OSCAR DE LA HOYA, Chairman and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions: "Saul was the person who needed this battle, and my obligation as a promoter is to assemble the best battles. Mexican boxing is the best, and when you have these two hot boxers who need to give the best to the fans, and we couldn't leave it behind. JULIO CÉSAR CHÁVEZ, SR., Six-Time World Champion Boxer: "I predict a genuine intense battle. We have seen the best of Canelo, yet we have not seen the best of my child. I solidly trust that with a taught preparing camp, Jr. can thump out not simply Canelo but rather anybody in his way. I need to thank everybody who has turned out to bolster my child. I can genuinely say this is a blessing from heaven, and we are anticipating the battle." ERIC GOMEZ, President of Golden Boy Promotions: It's dependably a joy to be here in Mexico, and I need to say thanks to TV Azteca and our support Tecate for continually supporting us. This will be an extraordinary battle, between two Mexican warriors who need to be recognized as the best. We as a whole know will's identity viewing – President Trump-and he will see the considerable commitment that Mexicans bring to the table, and how we complete things." Swirl REYNOSO, Head Trainer to Canelo Alvarez: 

"I need to say thanks to Golden Boy, Canelo Canelo vs Chavez Live and the Chavez's for the chance to bring another incredible battle. These battles much like the numerous that have been point of reference to it go past simply being wars yet speak to a Mexican pride. It's dependably a delight to be a piece of these battles. It will be a war in the ring, and I have full certainty that we will get the outcome we are preparing for. Mexico versus Mexico is one of the best battles you can find on the planet. Nacho has contributed much to boxing, however I am a piece of the new era of mentors. At a certain point, Nacho was the place I am currently. We are the new era, and we are here to leave a mark on the world."


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