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02 Jan 2017
Jimmy Kimmel will have the Osacar Live Stream in February, the Associated Press reports. It's the first run through Kimmel will have the Oscars, in spite of the fact that the Late Night With Jimmy Kimmel star has beforehand facilitated a few honor appears, most remarkably the 2012 and 2016 Emmy Awards. 

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Chris Rock facilitated the petulant Academy Awards a year ago, while Neil Patrick Harris facilitated in 2015. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news on Monday morning, saying a declaration is normal from the show's makers. Picking Kimmel as host functions admirably for ABC, which affectation the honors appear and hit an arrangement with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in August to communicate the Oscars until 2028. 

ABC will...

01 Jan 2017
A strange truth AVN Awards Live was uncovered about the folks who made South Park when they went to the raciest honor function known to humanity. On Friday, Cracked posted subtle elements from Trey Parker and Matt Stone who are well known for making the notorious and dubious toon arrangement. At the point when the folks went to the AVN Awards, they clearly thought it would be amusing to take some LSD. 

Event: AVN Awards
Place: South Park

"We dosed at the AVN Awards," Stone said. "These are porn's likeness the Oscars...except saying there is much more cleavage would be putting it mildly. However, they do have similitudes, similar to an interminable parade of individuals you don't know and you couldn't care less...

24 Dec 2016